High Risk Payment Processing

High risk payment processing - we provide the best merchant account services.

High Risk Payment Processing: High Risk Merchant Account Services

Some businesses require specialized high risk payment processing services regardless of their location. Partnering with a high risk merchant account services provider can benefit both domestic and offshore businesses in need of stability.

Combining decades of financial knowledge with localized payment services, EU Paymentz can help most high risk businesses!

Our specialization is with helping approval merchants that would otherwise be declined by other high risk merchant services.

EU Paymentz was conceived around the need for quality payment processing based in Europe. While many merchants in the medium to high risk industry are based in the USA, processing is generally handled offshore. This disconnect has led to many merchants being charged high fees and suffering from irregular payouts. To combat this trend, EU Paymentz decided to organize locally in Europe and provide hands-on support for merchants and agents.

What is High Risk Payment Processing?

Most businesses that start today can contact a local payment processor to begin accepting payments. Other types of businesses will require the services of a high risk payment processor. Different types of high risk businesses will require different types of payment processors.

Working with an experienced processor such as EU Paymentz can help businesses find the best financial services company to fit their needs.

Most high risk businesses will not be able to process transactions through the United States. This has been the reason many merchants have looked offshore to locations like Europe or Asia to find payment solutions. Financial services companies in these locations will generally accept more types of businesses, there are some drawbacks.

Setup Fees, high discount rates, slower payouts, and lower transaction authorization rates usually occur with offshore payments. This is the tradeoff that merchants using offshore payment processors will generally face. It's important for merchants to view their domestic solutions thoroughly before deciding to go offshore.

High Risk Merchant Industries

Today, a few of the highest risk industries involve services being provided to some of the largest industries. Many of the high risk payment services today specialize in the industries of:

  • Gaming Merchant Accounts
  • Forex Merchant Accounts
  • International Wire Transfers
  • Cryptocurrency Merchant Accounts
  • Dating Merchant Accounts
  • PrePaid Debit Cards

Many of these industries face heavy scrutiny from financial services providers and the banks managing transactions. For businesses to remain active and feasible, an experienced payment processor is highly recommended.

With the knowledge, experience and close proximity to some of the largest banking networks, EU Paymentz can help high risk merchants.

We specialize in European and other offshore processing solutions to spread our merchant's risk over a variety of banks. This has allowed EU Paymentz to continuously provide reliable payment processing solutions to high risk businesses.

Our merchant processing services are not limited to the above industries.

We are able to accommodate most industries regardless of their business type or location, making us a leader in the high risk industry.

Why are these Industries High Risk?

Most of these business types are in industries where payment services can be challenging. Facing constant regulatory or financial changes can prevent merchants from having a stable payment processor. Some of the most common reasons for being a high risk merchant include:

  • Business Industry
  • Business Billing Model
  • History of High Chargebacks
  • Owner has Negative Financial History

Many of these problems will require the services of a high-risk merchant processor. High-risk payment processors are able to absorb many of these problems into their portfolio of transactions. This provides merchants an option to rebuild financial history without significant effects on their business.

Merchants that have experienced problems applying for high-risk merchant accounts or are concerned about past problems can speak to EU Paymentz. Occasionally some merchants do not need a high risk credit card processor, but checking other options can always be beneficial.

Our team of payment processing professionals is always ready to help merchants find the best solutions.

Requirements for a High Risk Merchant Account

The underwriting process can become a long process if merchants are not prepared when submitting their applications. Banks and payment processors are required to know the details about their applicants and who they are processing transactions for. Mistakes at this step could open the door for payment processors to potentially be working with companies illegally selling products or moving funds.

Merchants that understand the importance of providing a full application package will generally have faster approvals at a better approval rate. Sending in these documents with the initially application is the best way to move forward with establishing high-risk merchant services. Some of the most commonly required documentation from underwriters to approve an account is below.

  • Completed Application
  • Government Issued ID
  • Previous Processing History
  • Wiring Information
  • Set Up Fees

Start Accepting High Risk Payments Today!

Merchants operating a variety of high risk businesses can utilize the banking relationships of EU Paymentz.  Our staff has been part of the high risk industry for over 20 years and has assembled a knowledgeable organization to help maintain our processing accounts.  Our growth has been built on providing solid payment processing solutions that allow our merchants to continually expand and grow their businesses.

For more information about what credit card processing services we can provide, please contact one of our EU Paymentz team members. We would be more than happy to discuss with prospective merchants our payment processing services available.

There is no obligation or cost to learn about what EU Paymentz can offer. Contact us now!