High Risk Payment Processing

EU Paymentz is a specialized high risk payment processor that operates both domestic and offshore payment services. Our extensive financial networks allow us to approve merchants that would otherwise be declined by others.

EU Paymentz was conceived around the need for quality, high risk payment processing based in Europe.  While many merchants in the medium to high risk industry are based in the USA, processing is generally handled offshore.  This disconnect has lead to many merchants being charged high fees and having irregular payouts.  To combat this trend, EU Paymentz decided to organize locally in Europe and provide hands on support for merchants and agents.

Merchants operating a variety of high risk businesses can utilize the banking relationships of EU Paymentz.  Our staff has been part of the high risk industry for over 20 years and has assembled a knowledgeable organization to help maintain our processing accounts.  Our growth has been built on providing solid payment processing solutions that allow our merchants to continually expand and grow their businesses.

With the knowledge, experience and close proximity to some of the largest banking networks, EU Paymentz can help high risk merchants. We specialize in European and other offshore processing solutions to spread our merchants risk over a variety of banks.  This has allowed EU Paymentz to continuously provide reliable high risk payment processing solutions.

Payment Processing for High Risk Industries

For more information about what services we can provide, please contact one of our EU Paymentz team members. We would be more than happy to discuss with prospective merchants our pricing structure for payment services.