High Risk Payment Gateway

EU Paymentz provides fully PCI Compliant payment gateway services to all merchant services clients. Our payment gateway adheres to the most stringent of security requirements while also functioning as a reliable and easy to navigate gateway. The payment gateway will protect merchants from any possible liability in the event of fraud.  Allowing merchants to focus on building their business instead of protecting their customers.

Our technical support team will help guide merchants through the website integration of the gateway, insuring that the integration process is quick and seamless. Merchants will also have access to our support staff in the event that any payment gateway technical support or questions need attention.  Providing the best service for our agents and clients is a top priority at EU Paymentz.

The EU Paymentz payment gateway is designed for merchants of all types, from high risk to general eCommerce and all types of merchants in between.  The payment gateway can also handle both high velocity merchants and high ticket value transactions, common needs of medium to higher risk merchants.

For any additional information about our high risk payment gateway, or to set up with EU Paymentz as a merchant, please contact one of our partners.  Our team would be happy to help you get started with our payment solutions.