About EU Paymentz

EU Paymentz is a payment processing company focused on providing reliable high risk payment processing solutions. Our strong relationships and experience in the industry gives us the ability to not only place most accounts, but keep them processing longer than other processors. With over 40 years of experience in the high risk industry, the team at EU Paymentz are professionals in high risk.

about EU Paymentz

Our software allows for easy integration into our merchant's websites, providing the most secure payment gateway for customer transactions. Our backend software for our agents provides daily reporting, eliminating the mystery that is prevalent with most backend reporting software.

Based in Eastern Europe, EU Payments is strategically located to work with many banks based locally in Europe and throughout Asia. Our offices are located in Serbia comprised of a payment processing team from the United States. Our team is available and willing to provide support to any agents or merchants with any questions in regard to technical or financial questions or concerns. If you are looking to set up as a merchant with an offshore high risk account, or you are a high risk agent looking for additional banking relationships, please contact one of our knowledgeable and helpful team members.