High Risk Payment Gateway

EU Paymentz provides fully PCI Compliant payment gateway services to all merchant services clients.

EU Paymentz provides fully PCI Compliant payment gateway services to all merchant services clients. Our payment gateway adheres to the most stringent of security requirements while also functioning as a reliable and easy to navigate gateway. The payment gateway will protect merchants from any possible liability in the event of fraud while mitigating any potential breaches of security.  This gateway solution allows merchants to focus on building their business while we protect their customers.

As payment processing services have evolved, the industry has become a global enterprise. Banks and payment processors from all corners of the earth are allowing merchants to accept credit cards through their financial systems. With so many financial options it has become essential for merchants to know who they are working with and how reputable their partners are.

EU Paymentz payment processing team brings in nearly 50 years of experience in the payment processing industry - providing merchants with the expertise and systems to succeed.

Using an Online Payment Gateway

Most merchants operating as a high risk business or offshore organization will need a secure and reliable payment gateway to process transactions through. Using a fully PCI Compliant high-risk gateway through EU Paymentz will provide a one-stop solution for your business. With compatibility to acquiring banks throughout North American, Europe, and Asia; businesses can know that their transactions will always be handled at the highest levels of payment security.

Parterning with a payment gateway provider experienced in the high risk industry can be the difference between a thriving or struggling business. Having a means for accepting payments is a lifeline for any business. Inconsistent or unreliable payment processing services will prevent a business from growing their customer base, a very common problem in the high risk industry. Businesses needing a higher risk gateway, such as a gaming payment gateway, cryptocurrency payment gateway or forex payment gateway will know that EU Paymentz specializes in these businesses.

Payment Gateway Services

Our technical support team will help guide merchants through the website integration of the gateway, ensuring that the integration process is quick and seamless. Merchants will also have access to our support staff in the event that any payment gateway technical support or questions need attention.  Providing the best service for our agents and clients is a top priority at EU Paymentz.

The payment gateway offered by EU Paymentz provides businesses with the features required by today's merchants. The ability to set up recurring transactions or the ability to upload payment files can help merchants quickly and efficiently accept payments.  Many of the gateway solutions available today do not offer a simple solution for membership business models. Using a gateway will allow for various payment methods that are unable to merchants with a credit card terminal.

The EU Paymentz payment gateway is designed for merchants of all types, from high risk to general eCommerce and all types of merchants in between.  The payment gateway can also handle both high velocity merchants and high ticket value transactions, common needs of medium to higher risk merchants. The gateway also offers merchants additional features such as transaction management and manual credit card terminal capabilities.

Benefits of a Virtual Terminal

Businesses operating in a high-risk industry where payments are accepting online and/or over the phone will want to use a virtual terminal. Integrated into the payment gateway, the terminal is entirely online and can be synchronized with a website shopping. This provides merchants with the ability to manage all transactions through one program with extensive management and reporting capabilities.

High volume or transaction businesses will want one centralized location where transactions can be processed.  Having a payment application that also allows for user permissions to be granted to certain users will help reduce internal fraud or losses.  By allowing only management to approve returns or view customer information, businesses can limit their potential for fraud.

Finding the Right Gateway

After verifying that what gateways a payment processor can integrate into, merchants will want to do their own research. Transaction security is the most important part of determining what gateway to utilize. Merchants will need to know that customer card account information is fully protected.  Verifying that the high-risk payment gateway is fully PCI Compliant and maintains its security status will enable merchants to focus on their business.

Having access to customer information is another benefit of using EU Paymentz.  Unlike other gateway service providers, we allow merchants full access to their customer files.  This allows merchants the ability to work directly with their customers and fix any problems inhouse instead of requiring a tech support call. Doing homework before partnering with a gateway can help with the prevention of potential problems in the future.

Open your Payment Gateway Today

For any additional information about our payment gateway, or to set up with EU Paymentz as a merchant, please contact one of our partners.  Whether you are a new merchant shopping around for a new payment gateway, or an existing business looking for a more reliable solution.  At EU Paymentz, we have multiple solutions to fit the needs of any type of merchant.

With decades of experience in the merchant services industry, EU Paymentz can help merchants find the best solution for their needs. With different financial organizations and banks throughout the world, having a flexible and easy to integrate gateway is essential.

Our team would be happy to help you get started with gateway integration and processing payments through our merchant services.

Contact us today and open your payment gateway today!