How Long Does a Wire Transfer Take?

How Long Does a Wire Transfer Take? Wiring money is one of the fastest ways to send money within your country in as fast as a day.  Businesses sending money internationally, specifically EU wire transfer services, can also use programs to increase settlement times. What Does Wire Transfer Mean? A wire transfer is an electronic…
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Wire Transfer vs ACH

A Comparison between Wire Transfers and ACH Payments Wire transfers and ACH payments are two of the most used electronic methods to send or receive funds. They’re essentially similar in terms of application, but as a merchant, you need to understand how they work and what their core differences are so you can decide which…
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What is a SWIFT Code?

What is a SWIFT Code? Understanding SWIFT/BIC Codes When you make an international payment, banks will ask you for some key pieces of information to ensure your fund transfer will be sent to the right bank and recipient. Among other requirements, you’ll need to provide a bank identification code: a SWIFT address. What is a…
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